Characteristics and scope of application of 3CR13 steel belt

Characteristics and scope of application of 3CR13 steel belt

    3cr13Steel BeltAlso known asStrip, it is actually a thinner, narrower and long-length steel plate, usually supplied in rolls. Compared with steel plate, it has the advantages of high dimensional precision, good surface quality and easy to use. Widely used in the production of welded steel pipe, cold bending billet material, used for the manufacture of bicycle frame, wheel ring, clamp, washer, spring sheet,Cable Armor, saw blades, blades, packed iron and so on.Here's a little part to learn about3cr13Steel BeltThe characteristics and scope of application.

Characteristics:3cr13 Steel strip annealing is to heat the steel parts to a certain temperature, insulation for a certain period of time, and then slowly cool to room temperature. The purpose of annealing is: 1 to reduce the hardness of steel, improve plasticity, in order to facilitate cutting processing and cold deformation processing. 2 Refine the grain, uniform steel organization, improve the performance of steel and prepare for future heat treatment. 3 Eliminate the internal stress in steel, prevent deformation and cracking of parts after processing.

Scope of application:3cr13 Steel Belt quenching state of high hardness, good corrosion resistance. Used as turbine blades. The density of 3cr13 steel belt is 7.75g/m3. 3cr13 quenching hardness: The general 3cr13 quenching temperature in 980~1050℃, take 980 ℃ heating oil quenching hardness to be significantly less than 1050 ℃ heating oil quenching, 980 ℃ oil after quenching hardness of 45~50hrc,1050℃ oil quenching hardness of 2HRC. However, the tissue grain obtained after 1050 ℃ quenching is thicker and brittle. It is recommended to use 1000 ℃ heating quenching to obtain better tissue and hardness. 3cr13 martensite stainless steel (420J2 stainless steel belt), welding to warm up. and Q235 welding austenitic stainless steel electrode without preheating, such as a302.a307 line. When welding control weld dilution rate, do not swing welding, the use of small current. 3CR13 Steel belt welding welding materials can be selected: 1. Anti-atmospheric corrosion selection of g202,g207, need to preheat 150-300 degrees, after welding tempering 700-730 degrees. 2. Resistant to organic acids and heat-resistant selection: G211, need to preheat 150-300 degrees. 3. Good plasticity: A102,A107,A202,A207,A302,A307, complement welding preheating, thick large pieces of preheating.

The above is3cr13Steel BeltThe characteristics and scope of applicationI hope it will be helpful to everyone.


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