Difference and classification of steel belt and steel plate in Anhui Province

Today, we're going to tell you about the little part of Hua branded.Anhui Steel Beltand the difference and classification of steel plates.

Steel Belt: Steel strip, also known as strip, is actually a thinner, narrower and long-length steel plate, usually supplied in rolls. Compared with steel plate, it has the advantages of high dimensional precision, good surface quality and easy to use. Widely used in the production of welded steel pipe, cold bending billet material, used for the manufacture of bicycle frame, wheel ring, clamp, washer, spring sheet, cable armor, saw blade, blade, packagingSteel belt Classification: Hot rolled ordinary steelTakeCold Rolled common steel beltOrdinary carbon steel belt, low alloy steel belt, ordinary carbonaceous bright steel strip, ordinary carbon longitudinal shear steel belt, low alloy longitudinal shear steel belt, trolley steel belt, packed steel belt, flashlight steel belt, hose steel belt, cable steel beltHot Rolled Quality steel beltClock spring steel strip, watch shell steel belt, chrome aluminum steel BeltCold Rolled Quality Steel beltCarbon structural steel strip, tape belt, mechanical chain steel strip, carbon tool steel strip, alloy structural steel strip, spring steel belt, alloy tool steel belt, ball bearing steel strip, stainless steel belt, high-speed tool steel strip, pure iron steel strip, silicon steel strip, nickel chrome steel belt, Precision alloy steel belt, etc.Plated Shangang Belt

Steel plate is a large ratio of width and thickness of the flat section steel industry is widely used. The steel plate is divided into medium thick steel plate and thin steel plate according to thickness. Strip is a narrow width, long length sheet, mostly coiled supply plate specifications with thickness* Width * Length (or volume) mm indicates. Steel plate classification: Medium thick steel plate, ordinary medium thick steel plate, high quality medium and thick plateHigh-quality carbon structural steel plate, carbon tool steel plate, alloy structural steel plate, alloy tool steel plate, spring steel plate, bearing steel plate, high-speed tool steel plate, stainless steel plate,90Steel plate, bulletproof steel plate, pure iron plate, high-pressure steel plate, weather-resistant steel plate, pressure-resistant steel plate, low-magnetic steel plate, the most commonly used is high-quality carbon structural steel plate and stainless steel plate. In addition, there are composite steel plate such as stainless composite steel plate, ploughshare steel plate, copper steel composite steel plate and so on. High quality medium and thick plateNon-rust plateThin steel plate, hot rolled ordinary thin steel plateHot rolled high quality thin steel plateCold rolled ordinary thin steel plateCoated sheetGalvanized Thin Steel PlateLead-plated thin steel plateTin-plated thin steel plate

    The above isAnhui Steel BeltDifference and classification of steel plateAnd hope to be of help to all of you.


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